Team Managers

Team Managers are essential to the success of a season.  They help to provide a foundation and orgranization for our players, families, coaches and volunteers who support the team.  Youth hockey does not exist without the participation of parents who support the team either through managing, scheduling, budgeting, scoring, fund-raising, tournaments or time keeping.

At the center of this activity is the Team Manager who is not responsible for the execution of all activities but the Coordinator and Organizer for the activities.

SMHA has made a significant investment in the tools and resources required by the parents who manage teams.  The SMHA has secured an organization wide subscription to TeamSnap so that Managers have a tool to manage their teams and will serve as the primary resource to teams.  All parents can download the TeamSnap App, this will help Team Managers with communication on scheduling and duties.

Codes of Conduct

All parents, players and team officials are required to complete the SMHA Official Code of Conduct each season.

When you register your child, you will be agreeing to the “SMHA Parent Code of Conduct”.  Player and Team Official Code of Conducts are online through the links below.

Coach Code of Conduct: Link

Player Code of Conduct: Link

Parent Code of Conduct: Link

Spectator Code of Conduct: Link

*Players will not be allowed on the ice until the parent and player Code of Conduct is agreed to.

Criminal Record Check

In keeping with SMHA & BC Hockey policy, volunteers must undergo a Criminal Records Check (CRC).

As mandated by BC Hockey, all coaches, managers, safety people and volunteers must have a valid CRC in order to participate, coach, volunteer for the current season.   

Criminal Record Checks can be completed and found here:
1.       Visit the Ministry of Justice’s website:
2.       Enter our unique access code: 4G4MS59ST3
3.       The following PDF link provides a walk through guide to your online CRC submission should you have any questions about the process:


Game Sheets